Our Work Style

How to work with LogicOcean?

We are a web solution company, so working with us will delight you. Once you leave the deposit for your project we start off with it immediately. Initially you will have to answer certain major startup questions, for the proper evaluation of the project. We team you up with a project manager, who will keep you updated regularly and delivers only satisfactory results.

Will it be convenient to work with a project manager, rather than a set of developers?

If you have been working only with developers so far and not project managers then of course you are going to love it this time. The project managers work as a bridge between you and the developers making matters easier for both. You will have a Grade A project manager with his team working for you; you name a project and it’s done!


How are you able to quote this less?

We look forward to deliver complete customer satisfaction. Thus, unlike most development marketplaces we do not tend to focus on profit margins the most, instead aim to create something really unique for you at a reasonable price.

Does investing the amount assures of the desired results?

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Bringing a smile in the face of our clients is what we intend to do!

Is there an option to pay your developers on hourly basis?

Unfortunately not, we charge our clients on the basis of projects and not by calculating number of hours worked.

Project Quotes

How is it possible to quote a price as soon as you receive a proposal?

Our quotes are real, and there is no imposition of any charges once the project is started. We are able to quote your project so fast because we have handled numerous projects so far, and have a clear idea of the expense that might cost a project.

Do you really understand my requirements well before quoting?

Yes, we do analyze your needs before telling you what exactly we will charge. And in case your description lacks the required details, enquiries will be made, and only then will we quote your project.

Our Developers

Can we not work with the developers directly?

The identities of our developers are not to be disclosed, as they love maintaining the anonymity. The project manager appointed to cater to your requirements looks after all that you need, and conveys messages from the developer’s desk, when needed.

How am I to be sure how good your developers are?

We have already developed some of the most used web applications, and our clients have quite a lot to say about us. They are also driven with the motive to deliver 100% client satisfaction. So, working with our experienced team of experts will not disappoint you.


What kind of design can you expect?

The designs presented by our UI/UX developers are one in its kind, unique and beautiful. We will definitely check out what you want, and likewise designs are provided.

Can the existing design be integrated?

Definitely, we do integrate the existing design with a touch of our own, to uplift your web-presence.