Who we are

LogicOcean is a global business provider, inclined to help clients to meet their challenges, through standardized business solutions. We Believe In Creating An Infinite Array Of Opportunities!

Our Commitment

We intend to serve our clients across the world, with integrity, under all situations. LogicOcean adheres to business ethics, leading to a long term growth with new ideas. An all-round development of your business is what we look forward to!

Our Social Responsibility

We redefine corporate social responsibilities through our visionary outlook, keeping in account the social as well as environmental impacts it imposes. Thus, we implement responsible ideals into our business operation!

The Cool Factor

A blend of fun factors and professionalism can make work culture more exciting and productive. Here, every team member works to deliver their best, and are always happy to serve the clients! Our success story best defines our dedicated team members.

Team Leads


IOS Engineering

She has been associated with some very challenging projects, and accomplished those well.


Android Engineering

He heads the team of android app developers and developing an app is a child’s play for him.


Java Engineering

He does his work with utmost perfection, and the reviews from his clients say it all.


Java Engineering

Skilled as he is, this man heads our Java development team with an extreme professionalism.


PHP Engineering

Samarpita our PHP team lead is loved for her skills and more for her sense of humor.


AWS/ Cloud Engineering

Sam excels in whatever he does and motivates his subordinates likewise.


Heroku Engineering

She had been the topper of her university and is the pride of our company.


Ruby on Rails Engineering

Shreya leads this team, and we must say she does it quite well!


React Engineering

Rupsa has worked in top tech companies and she leads this team with high efficiency.


Python-Django Engineering

She is as lively as bird, and keeps her team going with her energetic approach.


UI/UX Developer

For Miraj beauty lies in the art of imparting great designs to his websites.


Swift Engineering

She does her work with utmost perfection, and the reviews from her clients say it all!


ORM Department

Lucy heads the team and helps our clients to create an everlasting impression on its audience.


SMO Department

The social media platform is what he expertise in, and took it up as a profession itself!



He holds degrees from some of the top universities, and his efficiency reflects it all.


Product Engineering

He take cares of the product management team & has always delivered some unbelievable results.


Content Marketing Dept.

Creating word webs is what she does for us. She does our contents.


Customer service Dept.

She manages the customer service department, and leads her juniors to success.


Security Engineering

He leads the networking and cloud support team: & provides technical assistance.


Web Engineering

Satyaki loves working with Javascript, Mongo and Angular.js and leads his team to success.

...and hundreds more



Subhodip Dutta

Founder & CEO

More like a friend than a CEO he plans and details all the projects well, for its timely completion. He has been the motivation, behind all the wonderful work that has been accomplished till date.


Nitesh Demblani


His responsibilities are that of a Chief Listening Officer, but he definitely does much more than just that! He is the wailing wall for all employees, looks after policies, compensation, recruitment and career.

Going By the Numbers

Revenue generated from the products our teams have built.


Users of the online products our teams have built.


Our active projects.